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Alison is the Manager of Member Recruiting for Prime Advantage, a Chicago based Group Purchasing Organization for mid-market manufacturers. When she's not at the office making magic happen, she enjoys traveling, hugging her new nephew, and cheering on the Blackhawks.
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Is Your Company's Cybersecurity Unprepared?

Posted by Alison Chebuhar on Apr 4, 2017 1:45:00 PM

The Internet of Things (Iot) and smart devices have made our lives a whole lot easier. We can put a pot of coffee on, adjust the room temperature, and turn on the lights, all as we’re pulling up to our driveway. In the workplace and on manufacturing plant floors, smart machines connect to each other to create harmony in production, use thousands of sensors to make modifications in real-time, and can even repair themselves. At the rate technology advances in the modern age, the present seems more like that future than ever before.

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Topics: Industry News, Analytics and Technology

Keeping Your Supply Chain Moving Smoothly Down Risky Roads

Posted by Alison Chebuhar on Feb 14, 2017 2:00:00 PM

With supply lines growing longer and competition continually increasing, keeping a supply chain running efficiently requires a more complex strategy than ever before. Fluctuations in demand and regulatory protocol further muddy the waters when determining the best options available to mitigate risk. The current landscape requires a better business-value approach for any company with growth aspirations, or at the very least, looking to stay afloat.

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Topics: Supply Chain

Bizcast HQ’s Interview with Prime Advantage Chairman and CEO Louise O’Sullivan

Posted by Alison Chebuhar on Dec 15, 2016 11:15:40 AM

Bizcast HQ, the video showcase hub that features companies to watch, recently sat down for an interview with Louise O’Sullivan, Chairman and CEO of Prime Advantage. A variety of topics were discussed, including, how group purchasing organizations can help with strategic sourcing, alleviating the rising costs of healthcare, as well as one very important piece of business advice.

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Topics: Buying Groups and Group Purchasing Organizations

How to Rise to the Occasion and Perform Under Pressure

Posted by Alison Chebuhar on Oct 14, 2016 2:00:00 PM

Pressure, pushing down on me…

We’ve all been there: We find ourselves in a pressure-packed situation where we must get an important job done in the face of adversity. Maybe we’re on a time crunch. Or maybe we’re understaffed or under-resourced. Maybe we’re performing a task that is way out of our comfort zone. Or maybe we find that business with a VIP customer is hanging in the balance. Whatever the case may be, we need to be able to step up to the challenge when the heat dial gets turned up.

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Topics: Talent and Leadership

How Your Business Can Get Lucky

Posted by Alison Chebuhar on Sep 7, 2016 10:30:00 AM

As the saying goes, it’s better to be lucky than good. But ideally, you can be both: You can put in the hard work, master your craft as best you can, while setting yourself up for outcomes that break in your favor from time to time. You can minimize the amount of “chance” in your equations by governing the controllable within them. Your organization will never be perfectly insulated from potential disasters, but much like putting on your seatbelt, you can reduce the probability they will happen. Here are some tips on how to increase your odds of getting on Lady Luck’s good side:

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Topics: Supplier and Member Best Practices, Talent and Leadership

How Sound is Your Procurement Data?

Posted by Alison Chebuhar on Aug 9, 2016 8:10:00 AM

If you’re making good procurement decisions, you’re most likely using a significant amount of data to determine when and where to pull the trigger. But, how confident are you with the numbers fueling your conclusions? What about the dark matter numbers that you know are out there, but your eyes just can’t seem to corral? Complete spend visibility may be an insurmountable peak, but always striving to reach it will place your organization’s sourcing strategy in the best position for success.

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Topics: Procurement, Analytics and Technology

What You Can Learn From the World's Best Supply Chains

Posted by Alison Chebuhar on Jul 14, 2016 2:22:00 PM
If you want to be the best, then you have to emulate the best. And when it comes to role models for managing your supply chain, where better to turn than to the companies that are running circles around the competition. Each year, the analyst firm Gartner unveils its list of Top 25 Supply Chains in the World, and the latest edition of pioneering ideas and tactics is nothing short of spectacular. Maybe your company doesn't have the resources to build the exact same model as some of these behemoths, but it might be able to do something similar, or use these innovations to spark another idea, or even improve a process for smaller incremental gains that can really add up.

Here are some of the highlights from IndustryWeek:

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Topics: Supply Chain

Make "Who You Know" More Meaningful

Posted by Alison Chebuhar on Mar 17, 2016 2:33:24 PM

It's not what you know, it's who you know. Right? Well, the more honest axiom would be, "It's not what you know, it's who you know and how well you spend time caring for and cultivating those relationships." Not as catchy, but hits considerably closer to the truth. Your success correlates much more to the number of quality connections you've created than your ability to scroll through a contact list of bigwigs.

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Topics: Talent and Leadership

The Secret to Motivating Others

Posted by Alison Chebuhar on Feb 4, 2016 6:30:00 AM

There are many schools of thought on how to motivate another person. Some think that it simply can’t be done. That each individual is in complete control of the fire inside and only he or she can truly push on to conquer a challenge. On the contrary, others believe that the right jambalaya of words, pitch and passion can get someone to run through a wall for them. The truth most likely resides – as it so often does – somewhere in the middle.

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Topics: Talent and Leadership

Connect to Your Team for Leadership Success

Posted by Alison Chebuhar on Jan 21, 2016 9:30:00 AM

I think we have all heard someone say, "I don't go to work to make friends." It's good to have boundaries between your personal life and work life. Establishing these confines is often cited as a great key to success. If you are a leader and you focus on your strength, savvy and skills, but forget to connect with the people you are leading, you may be headed for failure. There have been many strong and efficient leaders who with one slip, fell fast because no one would lend a hand when the going got tough.

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Topics: Talent and Leadership

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