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Joe Ptak is the Manager of Marketing Communications for Prime Advantage. Joe is a perception engineer who contemplates the meaning of life every time he stares at a spreadsheet for too long and has never, Ever, taken an elevator to the 2nd floor.

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How a Buying Group Can Benefit Your Company

Posted by Joe Ptak on Mar 8, 2017 2:00:00 PM

Any well-run business is constantly looking for ways to improve. But the better you are at staying on top of this endeavor, the more it can sometimes seem like you’ve exhausted most of the good ideas. You can reach a point where you’ve done your due diligence and feel pretty confident that you’re making the best decisions on the options realistically available to your company. You can only get so lean, squeeze so much out of your resources, and fine-tune your processes so tightly.

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Topics: Buying Groups and Group Purchasing Organizations

Achieve More with a Group Purchasing Organization

Posted by Joe Ptak on Feb 22, 2017 9:50:00 AM

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) are a great way for manufacturers and businesses to increase resources, as well as get the most out of the resources they already have. Simply stated, GPOs aggregate and leverage the purchasing power of companies to drive down costs. They expand professional networks to elevate opportunities and reduce risks in the supply chain. And they provide market intelligence, vetted connections, engineering solutions, and access to best practices to help businesses make better decisions.

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Topics: Buying Groups and Group Purchasing Organizations

10 Quotes That Will Inspire You and Your Business

Posted by Joe Ptak on Dec 9, 2016 4:15:00 PM

Everyone loves a good quote. We inhale them, forward them to friends, and post them on social media accompanied by comments like, “This.” They sum up exactly what was just on the tip of our tongues. They can explain why we did something, but most often, what we’ve been meaning to do. And more than anything, they challenge us. Not just to pass along, not just to digest, or enjoy, but on how to aspire to live. Which, takes a whole lot of effort. So therein lies the challenge -- to extend the kernels of wisdom past the moment of when we’re just reading them. To be inspired to act the next day, and the next day, and then next day after that. To keep the thoughts sitting at the forefront of our minds and not just in the notes on our phones.

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Topics: Talent and Leadership

Medical Expenses Could Be Hindering Your Employees’ Performance

Posted by Joe Ptak on Oct 20, 2016 2:00:00 PM

What's the number one reason for bankruptcy in the United States? Is it our Amazon Prime addiction? No. Is it our unused gym memberships? Nope. Is it grocery shopping when we’re hungry? No, it's not that either. The actual answer is, medical expenses. Now, fortunately for the majority of us, the financial horror never reaches the point of Chapter 13. However, ever-rising healthcare costs is an issue that creates some degree of stress for all of us. And that stress, could be costing your company enough money to name a wing of a hospital.

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Topics: Supplier and Member Best Practices, Talent and Leadership

Lessons from the World’s Most Innovative Companies

Posted by Joe Ptak on Aug 19, 2016 9:28:00 AM

Most businesses are on a never-ending journey for innovation. Finding revolutionary products, advanced business practices, and better predictive analysis of where industries and markets are heading, shape much of our goals and strategies. Even if your business is far from Silicon Valley on the map or isn’t playing in a space conducive to rewriting the history books, there are still many overarching ideologies we can glean from the ones who are. These are philosophies that can be applied to businesses of any shape, color, or size. Here are some lessons to highlight from Fast Company’s list of The Most Innovative Companies of 2016 that you can incorporate at your organization to infuse more innovation:

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Topics: Industry News

Is Your Company as Good at Relationships as it Thinks?

Posted by Joe Ptak on Aug 4, 2016 1:07:21 PM

I recently read a story about how a Zappos employee set a company record by staying on the phone with a customer for 10 hours and 43 minutes. Yes, 10 hours and 43 minutes. That’s a jaw dropping level of customer service, relationship building, and insanity all wrapped up into one. Of course, this form of dedication isn’t possible for every company nor is it necessary for every type of product or service. But the bones of what Zappos is doing cracks open an important question for all of us to ask ourselves: Is my company doing everything within its power to create long-lasting relationships with our customers?

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Topics: Talent and Leadership

Only Focusing on Price Will Make You Broke

Posted by Joe Ptak on Jul 26, 2016 3:58:24 PM

I used to have a roommate who thought he was a really savvy shopper. He'd come home with a 50-count bag of frozen chicken breasts because "it was such a steal." But I always thought the purchase was quite short-sided because he only focused on the volume he was getting for his buck, completely ignoring total cost of ownership. Time and time again I'd watch him throw out much of the uneaten chicken, because um, who in their right mind has the stomach for 50 frozen chicken breasts? How's your price per unit now buddy? Not to mention it wasn't fresh meat so he was consuming an inferior product. And he was ignoring the amount of energy being gobbled up by that behemoth bag in the freezer, as well as how that space could have been used for something else.

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Topics: Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Procurement

Are You Searching For the Right Customers?

Posted by Joe Ptak on Jul 5, 2016 2:27:59 PM

"How do we get more customers?" It's the question that echoes in company boardrooms across the land. Because if you're going to beat last year and smash the forecast, the simplest way to go about it is to just get more business, right? Or is that actually the most complicated way? Because the question shouldn't be, "how do we get more customers?" But instead, "how do we get more of the right customers?"

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Topics: Procurement

Rethinking Productivity for Modern Life

Posted by Joe Ptak on Jun 9, 2016 9:30:19 AM

The math just never seems to works out. We have 7,000 items on our to-do list and time in the day to do about 12 of them. Inboxes and meetings and projects and reading… This problem is of course unsolvable, but that doesn't stop us from trying to stuff 10 pounds of work into a five-pound bag. And the issue just compounds because the more effort we give, the more successes and fires that get created, producing additional opportunities and urgencies for us to address. So we can either get eternally tossed around in this never-ending cycle like laundry in a dryer with a broken timer, or we can rethink what it means to be productive. The latter option seems less dizzying.

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Topics: Talent and Leadership

Why Your Company Needs to Plan for the (Distant) Future

Posted by Joe Ptak on Apr 29, 2016 7:49:37 AM

Keeping the future in mind is vital for long-term health. No matter if we're talking about personal vices or managing a business, everything we do now affects us down the road. The challenges of putting out fires today, filling orders today, making profits today, all seem to place tomorrow on the backburner. Of course, every company plans for the future in some capacity -- monthly and yearly forecasts, strategic meetings, investigating new revenue streams, establishing long term goals, etc. But what many overlook is planning for the distant future. We're talking about five, 10, 15 years down the line. And according to Forbes' piece, "Why Organizations Have To Think About The Day After Tomorrow," many companies are putting themselves at risk by not dedicating enough time in this area.

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Topics: Sustainability and Sustainable Business Practices, Talent and Leadership

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