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How Hired Speakers Can Benefit Your Business

Guest Contributor on Jun 14, 2016 7:30:00 AM

How-hired-speakers.pngPrime Advantage has invited industry experts to share their insights on the present and future of manufacturing and business success. In this post, Kady Harper of Seek Visibility, discusses how incorporating guest speakers into your company’s operations can ignite performance and elevate an event.

Whether you have a small team of workers that you can count on one hand, or a larger number that is growing all the time, it’s important for you to help your employees stay motivated, inspired, and committed to your business. This has a range of benefits, including staff retention, increased productivity, and enhanced creativity, to name just a few.

If you feel, however, that you have tried some of the more common techniques to boost morale and team building with your business, such as recognition, staff rewards, bonuses, and the like, then it might be time to consider using a keynote speaker at your next event or arranging for someone to speak within the office.

If you run an annual conference that you think needs some more pep, the keynote speaker sets the tone for the entire conference, as well as helps add some gravitas and marketing appeal for the occasion. Alternatively, you might decide to use speakers on a more regular basis in the office, to educate and/or motivate the team.

061416.pngSpeakers for Every Occasion and Need

Bringing guest speakers to the office or hiring keynote speakers for an event can really help to break up the working week or a long conference. Presentations from people outside your company can be used to achieve a variety of goals, such as educating or inspiring those in attendance.

Motivational speakers, for example, are very popular, particularly when companies feel that morale is low within a team, or know that employees are facing a big challenge and need some help getting inspired if they’re going to achieve a goal. People who specialize in the area of motivational speaking can typically create a talk that suits any industry, but often just speak about their own stories and/or approach to life. Their words can help to re-energize and motivate staff, and bring more positivity to the workplace.

Sometimes you might decide to hire a speaker to come and present an educational talk. This is often the case when employees need to learn information about a new type of product, service, or technology, or when it’s best that they are updated about specific industry news or opinions. Skills-based speeches can also be used to teach things such as time management, workplace health and safety, organization, leadership, and the like.

Such presentations can help teams to learn the information they need to know to remain agile in competitive markets. In addition, these types of talks can solve common pain points, or help employees to feel more engaged in their jobs or connected to their industry. At the same time, such speeches can also provide cost savings, as groups of people receive the training at one time, rather than companies needing to disseminate details individually.

There are also many speakers who design presentations based around the concept of innovation. Their talks can teach teams new approaches to solving problems, or inspire workers to think more creatively on the job. Such speeches can often help employees to come up with more innovative products or services, or better ways of operating.

You may also find that there are plenty of staff members within your business who have lots of valuable content they can share themselves with workmates, if they receive a little encouragement. It pays to consider starting a series of employee-delivered talks, in which each person presents information on a topic that they know well and/or are passionate about.

Since these workers already know the ins and outs of the business, they can address common issues specifically and help teach the rest of the team how to combat them. Such presentations are very economical for the firm, and also help to give employees increased ownership of their role and engagement in the workplace.

Add Interest, Weight, and Variety to Events

Hiring a keynote speaker for a conference, corporate retreat, award ceremony, banquet, or other occasion can also have many benefits. For starters, speakers can help bring more weight to an event, and their words can go a long way toward solidifying the message or theme you want guests to take away from the occasion. Speakers can also help to liven up an event or provide variety during a long day or night of workshops or other activities.

Build Awareness About Events

Lastly, if you’re putting on an event that you want to draw large crowds to, hiring a well-known keynote speaker can make a big difference to ticket sales. Celebrity speakers can really build awareness around an event and help to move tickets more quickly. Oftentimes, people who are on the fence about attending an occasion will be inspired to get out their wallet and buy a ticket when a special speaker for the event is announced.

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