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How Your Business Can Get Lucky

Alison Chebuhar on Sep 7, 2016 10:30:00 AM

090716.jpegAs the saying goes, it’s better to be lucky than good. But ideally, you can be both: You can put in the hard work, master your craft as best you can, while setting yourself up for outcomes that break in your favor from time to time. You can minimize the amount of “chance” in your equations by governing the controllable within them. Your organization will never be perfectly insulated from potential disasters, but much like putting on your seatbelt, you can reduce the probability they will happen. Here are some tips on how to increase your odds of getting on Lady Luck’s good side:

Never stop learning

To cook up your own luck, you first need to acquire the proper mental ingredients. Keep reading, networking, watching educational videos, listening to interviews, taking classes, attending seminars and conferences, and joining groups that can all continue to educate you about your trade. This assures that when you need some good fortune, you’ll have the tools in place to receive it. You’ll be able to make educated guesses, spot anomalies, and connect dots to create pictures you wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

Stay curious

Despite four decades of experience, Sully Sullenberger famously never stopped actively seeking out the latest in aviation research and studying firsthand accounts of peers. Stay inquisitive. Keep asking questions until you really get at the heart of a given problem. You just might find yourself one day in your own version of landing that puppy on the Hudson River.

Embrace problems when they arrive

Some people want to run from problems while others see them as opportunities. Think of any issue at your organization as a flag waving indicating a new solution is awaiting to be discovered. With this paradigm shift you’ll give yourself the chance to be the lucky one responsible for that next big finding.

Experiment and be observant to the results

If you don’t put your ideas to the test they will always remain just that -- ideas. Everything starts out small but you have to experiment and water each hypothesis to see which one will take off and grow for your business. And don’t forget to make time to be sharp-eyed to the outcomes. We’re all so busy these days that we often don’t notice breakthroughs hiding out right under our noses.

Be proactive and agile

If you are only reactive to problems, then you’ll always find yourself on the defense. By heading potential issues off at the pass, you’ll be able to stomp out fires before they spread. But we often just can’t get there in time so be sure to be flexible and able to pivot on a dime. Your business should never stop evolving because even though you have a plan, by continually progressing you might just be lucky enough to end up somewhere beyond your furthest reaching goals.

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Alison Chebuhar

Posted by Alison Chebuhar

Alison is the Manager of Member Recruiting for Prime Advantage, a Chicago based Group Purchasing Organization for mid-market manufacturers. When she's not at the office making magic happen, she enjoys traveling, hugging her new nephew, and cheering on the Blackhawks.

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