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Is it Time to Split-Up with Your Supplier?

Alison Chebuhar on Jun 30, 2015 7:58:00 AM

Is-it-time-to-splitup-with-your-supplierBreaking up is hard to do. We tend to remember the good memories when faced with pulling the plug rather than the bad. We're often hampered by fear of change and find ourselves deeply invested in our partner. We've committed so much time, energy, so much history; we know all of their ins and outs. The notion of starting over seems so daunting and alone. But there comes the inevitable moment where we realize the costs are sunk and the Band-Aid must be torn off. We're talking, of course, about the decision to switch to a different manufacturing supplier.

There are undoubtedly thick barriers surrounding the determination to swap out any given supplier. You have to trade in known entities such as quality, reliability and relationships, all in the hope for greener pastures. But when inconsistencies or worse yet, all-out failures in these areas begin to persist, action must be taken in the name of good business. In the end, your loyalty resides in producing the best product possible for your customers at the healthiest bottom line for your team. Learn about the benefits of building relationships with your suppliers:

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Alison Chebuhar

Posted by Alison Chebuhar

Alison is the Manager of Member Recruiting for Prime Advantage, a Chicago based Group Purchasing Organization for mid-market manufacturers. When she's not at the office making magic happen, she enjoys traveling, hugging her new nephew, and cheering on the Blackhawks.

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