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Mobile Apps Make Work Travel Feel like a Vacation Breeze

Guest Contributor on Jul 28, 2015 7:00:00 AM

PlaneAs part of Prime Advantage, Endorsed Suppliers have been invited to share their insights on the present and future of manufacturing success. In this post, Kari Bigot, from ALTOUR shares some insights into the wave of innovation offered by mobile travel apps.

In today’s hectic travel environment, mobile travel apps can act as a traveler’s own personal assistant, keeping all details of a trip organized and accessible from one easy place. For those of you who are still organizing your trips, “old school” (hint – think lots of paper confirmations) you may want to consider a mobile app in the futureMany of these apps are free to download from your favorite app store, and most corporate online booking tools align all travel reservations with a mobile app (air, hotel, car rental and/or ground transportation). Busy travelers with demanding schedules will appreciate having their reservations sync with their calendars. They will also enjoy the added information these apps provide, including: alerts for weather forecasts at their destination, searchable maps to aid navigation in new cities, and even suggestions for restaurants and local attractions. 

Mobile apps also allow travelers to receive pertinent information such as airline flight cancellations, delays and gate changes, so they can hit the ground running while effortlessly dodging roadblocks. In some cases, travelers are able to solve logistical issues even before deplaning, bypassing long customer service lines at the airport. And no more searching your email inbox for confirmation or reservation numbers, they will all be conveniently located in one place.

Many travelers don’t work in a vacuum. They need to align their travel itineraries with others in their company. Team members can benefit greatly by sharing their travel plans seamlessly through travel apps. This means everyone in the work group is able to know when their colleagues are landing, where they are staying, and see any last minute changes.

One big caveat to keep in mind: Think before you link!

These apps give you the option to connect to your social media platforms. This means everyone in your networks could potentially know your whereabouts, and more importantly, know when you are out of town and no one is home. Make sure to understand your options and adjust your account to reflect the privacy settings you are comfortable with.

While many of these apps are similar in functionality, travelers first must decide which one works best for their needs based on its layout, graphics, ease of use, and its compatibility with the mobile device being used. In addition, some functionality comes at a cost through premium versions. However, a good number of the free apps provide the basic organizational capabilities you’ll need to stay organized, stay sane, and travel like a pro!


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