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Not Another Meeting

Alison Chebuhar on Nov 3, 2015 11:39:41 AM

Have you ever walked out of a meeting feeling like you may have already had that same meeting in the past? Many companies have weekly status meetings, which are great to keep everyone moving forward toward a goal. However, too often these meetings aren't used for this purpose. When you bring people together to meet on something, you are taking them away from other items. Keep this in mind when you have people sitting around a table, and run your meeting in a way that gets people back to being productive. An infographic put together by Inc. Magazine summarizes the costs of meetings quite well.

Not Another Meeting

Think through why you are having the meeting and who needs to be there to keep things moving in the right direction. When you are driving a car, you are seated to look through the windshield to manage your forward progress. You have a tiny view of what is behind you, but your focus is on your forward momentum. Think of meetings in this same way. If you are simply reviewing your tasks or what you got done last week, this may not help you reach your destination and could even cause a crash.

If you are leading a meeting and you take a gander around the room, you are hopefully seeing engaged people looking at how they can contribute. If you see people checking their email or just checked out you may need to rethink through why you are holding the meeting. Ask the question, "Why do people hate going to my meetings?" IvyExec put together some great ideas on where you can aim to improve.

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Alison Chebuhar

Posted by Alison Chebuhar

Alison is the Manager of Member Recruiting for Prime Advantage, a Chicago based Group Purchasing Organization for mid-market manufacturers. When she's not at the office making magic happen, she enjoys traveling, hugging her new nephew, and cheering on the Blackhawks.

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