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One Man's Trash is a Purchasing Manager's Fortune

Joe Ptak on Sep 15, 2015 6:30:00 AM

091515_ImageMost people care about the environment. They separate their plastic bottles, screw in fluorescent light bulbs all around the house, and turn in their Hummers for Priuses bearing that they can fit in one. Most people also care about money. They keep it safely nestled at a bank, ignore emails from Nigeria and even sometimes dump a few buckets of it on the bed to roll around in. Well, in the business world, there's a way to marry one's love for the environment AND money. Companies across the globe are profiting immensely from society's growing desire for products that promote sustainability. And according to Sustainability Offers Opportunities. Procurement Should Grab Them, many buyers are missing opportunities to cash in on this trend throughout the supply chain. Not to mention, they're also forgoing opportunities to get a nice old pat on the back from Mother Nature in the process.

Once viewed as an expensive endeavor, revenues for sustainable products are outpacing their Earth-depleting counterparts more and more. Procurement professionals need to add sustainability as a point of measure when making their purchases if they want to keep the environment, and the interior of their wallets, green.

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Topics: Sustainability and Sustainable Business Practices

Joe Ptak

Posted by Joe Ptak

Joe Ptak is the Manager of Marketing Communications for Prime Advantage. Joe is a perception engineer who contemplates the meaning of life every time he stares at a spreadsheet for too long and has never, Ever, taken an elevator to the 2nd floor.

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