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School is in Session for Your Business Too

Guest Contributor on Aug 23, 2016 1:14:29 PM

082316.jpegIt’s the time of year for the kids to go back to the classroom. Maybe we should too.

Prime Advantage has invited industry experts to share insights on achieving manufacturing and business success. In this post, Andy McNulty of Communication Performance Management Associates, discusses how we should never stop applying the fundamental principles we learned in the classroom.

Shhhh…listen. Do you hear it? Do you hear the sobbing, the sniffling, the moans and the groans? That’s right kids, the bus is coming. And the teachers and bus drivers are not happy. OK, ideally the teachers and bus drivers ARE looking forward to another school year. Hopefully the only sobbing and sniffling is coming from the kids who, understandably, don’t want summer to end. They want to keep playing, going to the pool, and sleeping late. Who wouldn’t?

Whether you took the summer off or not, there always seems to be a feeling of renewal when the end of August approaches and signals - for most of us in traditional, American school systems - the end of summer and the beginning of another school year. Even if you don’t have school-age kids at home, the seasonality of the school year was likely burned into your cerebral calendar long ago. Therefore, this time of year feels familiar for most of us. And that same feeling of renewal we experienced in our younger years can still be transported into our current business lives.

A new year…a fresh syllabus

Even though our customers don’t give us a clean report card every year, we can give ourselves one. What did we learn last year? What did we continue to do or reinforce that we learned from previous years? And what have we forgotten or what do we need to review from previous years that we should still be doing or applying? What still works as long as we do it right?

Algebra is still algebra

Selling is like math. Is there some “New Math?” Sure. There always will be. And we should be open to it. But the basics of math are the same today as they were back when Archimedes was trying to calculate the area of a circle. The same is true for selling. Are there plenty of new concepts and theories associated with selling? You bet. And they are all worthy of consideration and implementation; where they work for you. But the basics work for all of us. And before we start looking for the “latest and greatest,” we should make sure our fundamental building blocks of selling are revisited, refined, and recommitted.

Could Pythagoras Sell?

Whether it’s A2 + B2 = C2, or the idea that people buy from people, some basic truths in math and selling will always hold true. And like math, selling is a numbers game. So run the numbers, quantify your necessary efforts to optimize success, and do the work. No matter how many phone calls it takes, or how many emails need to be sent, or how many networking functions should be attended, do the math. It works. Whether it’s prospecting, setting appointments, following-up or negotiating, the simple, numerical elements of selling always add up to success when judiciously applied.

And like school, the more you put into selling, the more you’ll get out of it.

Welcome back. Good selling.

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