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The Future is Being Manufactured Today

Mike McDonald on Jul 14, 2015 6:30:00 AM

crystal_ball_in_handWould you like to see the future? Would you like to catch a glimpse of our forthcoming world and pay witness to the impossible that will one day be made possible? Well, you can. And you don't even need to sit down with a fortune teller, speed away in a DeLorean, or flip open a Ray Bradbury novel to experience it. All you have to do is step into the manufacturing plants and development labs of today. (Okay, so you might also need a hardhat and some protective eyewear.)

Most folks are aware of additive manufacturing, but the latest technologies transforming our manufacturing capabilities stretch far beyond just bringing that part design glowing on a computer screen into three-dimensions. Especially when that part, is a human heart. Materials are being manipulated down to the molecular level and going from the identification phase to the end-user quicker than ever before. Sensors are becoming so pervasive that every item in your house – including your body — will be as "smart" and connected as the phone in your pocket. The future is here. Check out What's Hot in Manufacturing Today and hold onto your hardhats.  

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Mike McDonald

Posted by Mike McDonald

Mike is the Executive Vice President of Business Development for Prime Advantage, a Chicago based Group Purchasing Organization for mid-market manufacturers. Responsibilities include managing business development, marketing, and the GPO's Healthcare Cost Containment program. He’s been a featured speaker, published author, and recognized award winner within the supply chain community.

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