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The Questions You Need to Ask to Find the Right Candidate

Guest Contributor on Nov 17, 2015 9:35:08 AM

As part of Prime Advantage, Endorsed Suppliers have been invited to share their insights on the present and future of manufacturing success. In this post, Craig Wilson, from American Recruiters, looks at personal biases and how they may impact our purchasing decisions.

In speaking with many of the Prime Advantage Members, most anticipate adding personnel for 2016. That is good news for everyone. If your organization is contemplating new hires for 2016 (and I hope it is), a recent Crain’s article entitled 25 No-Fail Interview Questions will assist you in selecting the right person for the position. The article is a summary of the questions that successful businesses ask candidates along with the reasons to ask these questions. Here are some of the best:

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    What is it you hope to find in your next position that you don’t have with your current employer? The response helps the interviewer see if the candidate will be a good fit in your company's culture.

  • Tell me about the moment you knew you wanted to do this for a living. Many times the story about the "how" is much more interesting and revealing than the "what." How the prospective employee answers this question will give you a better understanding about how passionate, motivated and authentic he or she is.

  • What is the biggest misperception people have of you? This is a pretty personal question without being threatening or out of bounds. It takes a level of emotional maturity and self-confidence to answer this and candidates who nail this question tend to do well in the organization.

  • Sell me on our services! The response demonstrates to the interviewer if the candidate has a genuine interest in their business and if they have done their research prior to coming to the interview.

  • What do you expect from your boss? Many people leave their positions not because they dislike the position or the firm, but because they had issues with their superior. If you hire a person whose expectations are aligned with their new boss's work style, you have immediately established a rapport before the new hire starts.

The final listed question is the last inquiry this company asks all candidates and it is a unique one:

  • If money didn’t matter, what would you be doing with your time? The response gives insight into how in-tune the candidate is with their purpose and what they value, which is important for cultural alignment and later rewards.

Determining the right mix of interview questions for your company to ask is an art. If you are able to hit the mark, you will save your firm from many headaches and lost dollars down the road. And if you're creative enough, you just may find the next person to create greatness at your company.

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